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Slitting Process is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. By today's definition, slitting is a process in which a coil of material is cut down into a number of smaller coils of narrower measure.

Circular rolling blades set at two cylindrical rolling shaft ( upper and lower ) with matching ribs and grooves are used to cut a large roll into multiple narrower rolls.

Slitting is considered a practical alternative to other methods due to its high productivity and the versatility of materials it can manage.

The Machine consists of three main parts,"an uncoiler, cutter, and recoiler". The material is fed from the uncoiler, through the nip between the two circular cutting wheels (one on top and another underneath) and then re-wound in slit pieces on the recoiler.

the quality of cutting process depends on how the circular blades are set. The three main factors to set the circular blades are as follows :

  • Material thickness
  • Type of coil material
  • The tolerances that must be held while slitting.

Our machine has availability to cut metal or non metal material between thickness 0.2mm ~ 1.2mm with verygood cutting result, which is the cutting burr tolerance within 10% of material thickness.